Texas Electronic Registrar Birth Registration
Facility User Guide


This facility user guide gives users information on how to:

  • Add and Delete Users;
  • Assigning Processes to Users;
  • Printer Setup;
  • Adding Attendants and Certifiers;
  • Complete, Certify, and Release a Birth Certificate;
  • Search for Completed Records in TER Birth Registration
  • Run Facility Reports;
  • Local Registrar Processing; and
  • Help Menus.


Chapter PDF (.pdf)
Table of Contents Download (55K)
Accessing TER Download (191K)
Security Download (427K)
Printer Setup Download (131K)
Library Maintenance Table Download (283K)
Registration Download (343K)
Certifying Records Download (87K)
Releasing Records Download (74K)
Record Search Download (205K)
Facility Reports Download (94K)
Local Registrar Process Download (290K)
Help Download (105K)

Powerpoint presentation on basic birth registration through Texas Electronic Registration: Download(6.2 MB)

If you are not currently signed up to use TER Birth Registration just download and complete the request form and fax it to (512) 458-7233.

Request form for Hospitals, Birthing Centers, and/or Midwives: .PDF (22K)

Request form for Local Registrars: .PDF (21K)

If you need additional assistance, please contact email Help-TER.



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Last updated October 15, 2013