Handbook on Fetal Death Registration

This handbook is to assist in the completing a registration of Fetal Death Record. Available in Word and PDF formats.
Chapter Microsoft Word Document (.doc) PDF (.pdf)
Chapter 1: General Information.
Includes information on:
  • Purpose of the Handbook;
  • Registration Requirements;
  • Duties of the Funeral Director or Person Acting As Such;
  • Responsibilities of The Hospital or Other Delivering Institution;
  • Confidentiality; and
  • Penalties.
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Chapter 2: Completing the Certificate of Fetal Death
Includes information on:
  • General Instructions; and
  • Item-by-Item Instructions.
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Chapter 3: Permits And Authorizations Associated With Fetal Death Registration.
Includes information on:
  • Report Of Death Form;
  • Burial-Transit Permit;
  • Authorization For Cremation; and
  • Disinterment Permit.
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Last updated June 15, 2011