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Texas WIC: World Breastfeeding Month 2013

Every new mom has questions – Is this normal?  What should I expect?  When will the next milestone happen?  How should I handle that? Am I the only one with this question?  Oftentimes, moms turn to other moms for answers and support as they navigate through their questions.  Mothers find comfort relating to other mothers with similar life experiences and turn to them for support.  For many moms, it is the continued support of those closest to them that assist their efforts to accomplish their breastfeeding goals.  This year, Texas WIC celebrates World Breastfeeding Month (WBM) with the theme, Breastfeeding Support: Close to Mothers.

Suggested Activities:

Consider a new spin on your WBM celebrations by planning an event for your WIC staff.  Create fun games to review important breastfeeding topics such as: 

  • Breastpump assembly races/relays – Use the following materials to facilitate fun games using demo breastpumps. 
    • materials coming soon
  • Breastfeeding Policy/Procedure trivia game – Using your own playing cards, have your staff team up to answer trivia questions in the same format as your favorite game show.
  • Breastfeeding word scramble/word search
  • Find that (breastfeeding) app! – Challenge your staff to use their smartphones to be the first to find breastfeeding resources (consider adding them to your local Client Referral Handout).
  • Name that breastfeeding provider! – Create a game that helps WIC staff become more familiar with local breastfeeding supporters (Ex: If you call out “Mom’s Hospital,” first person to name their lactation consultant or 2 breastfeeding supportive doctors from that hospital/community clinic, WINS!)
  • Take the challenge – Create a challenge for your staff by rewarding the clinic or team with the greatest increase in breastfeeding rates, the best new contact/resource to add to the Breastfeeding Client Referral Handout, etc.
  • Build support in your community -Invite community workers who also serve WIC clients to attend your local agency peer counselor trainings. This may include home visitation nurses, community health workers, promotoras, child care staff, and Healthy Start and Early Head Start program staff.

E13-06-14075 Suggested Activities Handout (608 kb, PDF)

E13-06-14075 Suggested Activities Handout Key (492 kb, PDF)

Suggested Materials:

Raise awareness of the importance of breastfeeding peer counselors in your clinic and community; try some of these suggested activities:

  • Share WIC Peer Counselors: The Support You Need to Successfully Breastfeed (Stock #13-06-13182 and #13-06-13182A) with your WIC clients during counseling sessions to inform them of the service.
  • Give clients a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Business Card (Stock #13-06-13179) with your contact information so they can call you if they have questions about breastfeeding.
  • Take WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselors: The Support Your Patients Need for Breastfeeding Success (Stock #13-06-13180) to your local hospitals to inform labor and delivery and postpartum staff of the service.
  • Bring Breastfeeding: The Best Medicine You Can Prescribe flyers/posters (Stock #13-06-13183) to the health-care providers who serve the majority of your WIC participants and ask them to refer their breastfeeding patients to WIC for support.
  • Use Become a WIC Peer Counselor (Stock #13-06-13181 and #13-06-13181A) to recruit WIC participants who are passionate about breastfeeding to become trained peer counselors. Be sure to recruit peer counselors who reflect the race and ethnicity of your WIC clients.


For more information, resources, & ideas please visit the following websites:

International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA)


Last updated September 14, 2017