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WIC Nutrition Texas WIC Breast Pump Program

Established in 1999 to enable WIC moms to provide their own milk to their infants and children when they cannot be together.

About the Program

Breastfeeding Order System (BOS)


About the Program


  • To improve the health of both women and infants by helping women provide the best possible nutrition available — mother's milk.

Types of Breast Pumps

 To meet the needs of all breastfeeding moms, the Texas WIC program has three types of pumps:

  • Multi-user electric breast pumps may be loaned to WIC moms who need to establish their milk supply without their baby, such as in cases of prematurity, sick newborn, or other special needs. WIC participants who are loaned a multi-user electric pump should be given a milk-collection kit that is theirs to keep.
  • Single-user electric breast pumps may be given to WIC moms who need help in maintaining an already well established milk supply in cases such as return to work or school or other special circumstances.
  • Manual breast pumps can be given to WIC moms for any reason.

Breast pumps are offered to participants based on need. Staff are to educate breastfeeding women about hand expression as well as the importance of feeding their infant at the breast.

When deciding which pump to provide, staff should consider:

  • Mom’s need for a breast pump
  • The type of breast pump that best fits her needs

When evaluating and counseling a breastfeeding mom these questions may help you get a better understanding of her situation:

  • How long are you planning on breastfeed your baby?
  • Will you be returning to work or school? If so, when?
  • Including your commute to and from work, how long will you be separated from your baby?
  • Is your employer or school supportive of your breastfeeding your baby?
  • Will you have access to clean, private and safe place to pump every day?
  • Is your day-care provider supportive of your breastfeeding?

If you have any questions about breast pump elilgibility contact your local WIC office.

Locate the phone number for your local WIC office.

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Last updated November 3, 2014