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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the acceptable forms of identification that WIC staff can accept when the participant indicates that he or she has permanently lost the Family Identification (FID) card?

To ensure that program benefits are provided to the correct individual, the participant must present any of the acceptable forms of identification listed in WIC Policy CS:05.0, “Identification of a WIC Applicant.”

To provide a replacement FID card to the participant who has permanently lost hers, refer to WIC Policy CS:26.0, “Issuance of Duplicate WIC Family Identification Cards.”

A participant forgets to bring her FID card to the clinic for her appointment; she has not permanently lost it. What form of identification is acceptable?

Per WIC Policy CS:05.0, “Identification of WIC Applicant,” clinic personnel have two options:

1.  Rescheduling the participant’s appointment to some time within the month when she can bring her FID card.

2.  Electing, as their standard policy, to accept an alternate form of identification.

The alternate identification may be any of the proofs of identification listed in Procedure I.A. of policy CS:05.0. Local agencies that elect to accept another form of ID must carefully review the participant data found in the WIC system and ensure that the participant selected by a computer name search matches the participant to whom vouchers are being issued. Local agencies must also counsel the participant that the preferred method of ID when issuing food vouchers is the WIC FID card. Remind the participant to bring her WIC FID card to all appointments.

Can you get employment information over the phone?

No. Gross income documented on a check stub or an Employment Verification form (WIC-19b) or the same information on a signed statement from the employer is acceptable and may be received by fax. The employer can be contacted to verify the information.

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Last updated June 5, 2014