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WIC Help Desk-Backups


How to Run a Manual Backup:

CD-RW/Tape Backups: The backup procedure backs up the essential data from your system. In the event your system should crash this backup would be used to restore the data to your system. When the backup occurs with errors it will require a manual backup as follows:

NOTE: Before starting, make sure TexasWIN is not running.

Laptop/Standalone backups

  • Insert a CD-RW into the CD-RW drive.

  • Make sure the “CD Ready” message appears on your screen. If it does not, remove the CD-RW from the drive and re-insert it.

  • Select Start\Programs\Administrative, and select the Manual Backup icon. 

The backup will run automatically after 10 seconds if you do not click on the Yes or the No button. After clicking the Yes button, the computer will copy Texas-WIN data from your standalone computer to the CD-RW disc. You will see the copy operation start to scroll across the dos window.

NOTE: Do not interrupt this operation.

Network (Server Tape backup)

  • Insert a Dat72 prepared tape into the tape drive.
  • Select Start\Programs\Administrative, and select Backup Tape Operations or the Manual Backup icon.
  • The backup program will open and perform a full backup of the H:\TexasWIN directory.
  • Do not click the Start Backup button!

If the backup screen appears to “hang”, make sure there is a tape in the backup drive. If there is no tape in the drive, the backup will time out and the backup program will close. You will not get an error message.

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Last updated April 25, 2018