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Quality Assurance (QA)

Foxfire Reports

Report name


SRBFDURA (20 kb, PDF) Duration of Breastfeeding Infants
SRCITYCT (20 kb, PDF) Count of Clients by City
SRFORM (20 kb, PDF) Issuance by Formula Number
SRPARTCT (20 kb, PDF) Unduplicated Count of Participation by Period to Time
SRPREMIE (21 kb, PDF) Premature Infants With a Low Birth Weight
SQABUSE (20 kb, PDF) DSHS Child Abuse Reporting Form
SQCERT (20 kb, PDF) Client Certified at Your Clinic by Cert Date
SQDO1STV (20 kb, PDF) Date of First Visit Using Quick Intake Records
SQEMPL (20 kb, PDF) Employees/Relatives/Friends on WIC
SQHCT (18 kb, PDF) Hematocrit
SQHGB (18 kb, PDF) Hemaglobin
SQHIRISK (19 kb, PDF) Participants with a Specific Risk Code and WIC Code
SQLANGAP (20 kb, PDF) Appointments by Date with Language Code
SQLANGCT (20 kb, PDF) Families with Non-English Lang Code
SQMDCERT (19 kb, PDF) Children Due for a Mid-Certification
SQMIDPT (20 kb, PDF) Midpoint Screening
SQMIDPTD (20 kb, PDF) Daily Midpoint Report
SQNFRINF (20 kb, PDF) Infants Receiving Formula
SQNFRXBF (20 kb, PDF) Exclusively Breastfeeding Food Packages
SQNOCTRK (20 kb, PDF) Non-contract Formula Issuance
SQNOREFE (20 kb, PDF) Clients with 00 HCS & NO Referral
SQREFERL (20 kb, PDF) Clients with 00 HCS

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Last updated September 18, 2013