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Texas DSHS Trained Breastfeeding Educator Program

What is a DSHS Trained Breastfeeding Educator (TBE)?

How do I sign up for the classes to become a Trained Breastfeeding Educator?

Is there a fee or test to become a Trained Breastfeeding Educator?

  • There is a registration fee for each class but no other cost to receive a TBE certificate and no test to take.
  • Travel expenses, lodging, meals and parking costs are the responsibility of the attendee.

What does the TBE designation allow me to do?

  • By having the TBE designation, you are more knowledgeable in the area of lactation and are able to assist with basic breastfeeding education. Complex breastfeeding issues are not within this scope of practice and referrals should be made to a healthcare provider or an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) for further evaluation and treatment.
  • In some cases, this designation may help you initiate a lactation program in your facility.
  • Our courses follow along with the IBLCE Exam Blueprint and may help you further your education in becoming an IBCLC.

Can I use “TBE” after my name?

  • No. There are many different titles applied to those who aid mothers and babies in the process of breastfeeding. It may be hard to navigate through the different qualifications but there are board certification programs and certificate programs. Certification programs are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). These programs have measures in place to avoid conflicts of interest, have rigorous criteria, and strive toward standards of excellence.
  • The standards of a certification program are assessed by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) through an accreditation process. DSHS does NOT receive certification or  accreditation by NCCA; therefore
  • A certificate holder is NOT awarded a professional credential and should NOT use an acronym or letters after their names upon completion of the program.

Does my TBE certificate expire?

  • Yes. The TBE certificate will expire five (5) years from the date you completed the POLM course.
  • We encourage you to seek additional education and possibly pursue IBCLC certification within this 5 year period. Our courses do not provide all of the education requirements to sit for the exam.  

Can I request these classes be done at my facility?

  • Yes and no. These classes are not offered ‘by request’. These classes have a set schedule for the year with multiple instructors. The Principles of Lactation Management class is offered 6 times per year (every odd-numbered month). The Lactation Counseling and Problem Solving class is offered 8-10 times per year.
  • Your agency may ask to get on the list of potential hosts for a calendar year but keep in mind it could be 2-3 years away.
  • The classes are done annually in Austin/San Antonio, Houston area, and Dallas/Fort Worth.

The other 3 locations are rotated on a regional basis:

  • North/Northwest: Amarillo, El Paso, or Midland/Odessa
  • South: Corpus Christi, Laredo, McAllen, or Weslaco
  • East/Northeast: Beaumont, Longview, Nacogdoches, Tyler

I am unable to travel. Do you offer these courses online? 

  • Unfortunately, no. We only offer the TBE classes onsite or in person.


Questions regarding continuing education contact hours, certificates, content or scheduling, please contact Missy Hammer, 512-341-4457. 

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Last updated December 19, 2016