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Do you know what nutrition education code you should be using?

We have been getting lots of questions about nutrition education codes. Currently the state agency wants staff to use VC-000-99.  Code VC-000-99 represents the “type of appointment” instead of the “topic being discussed” during counseling. If staff only use is VC-000-99, that is great.  If your agency wants to be more specific and track specific topic discussed, then you may use the appropriate topic codes (e.g. IR-000-99 for counseling on iron, FS-000-99 for counseling on Food Safety, etc.) in addition to the VC-000-99 code. Additionally, other codes may be used in addition to the VC code to indicate specific types of appointments or types of staff providing nutrition education (e.g. PC-000-99 for visits with Peer Counselors, RD-000-99 for visits with an RD, etc.) or track special initiatives.

We understand that many agencies want to track different types of counseling sessions.  This will be discussed further and addressed as soon as possible.  We are trying to discourage use of “topic” counseling codes.


Does a dietary risk code, 400s, have to be assigned for each certification?

No.  The dietary risk codes are assigned only if the criterion is met.


Last updated October 14, 2010