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Additional Vendor Agreement Policies

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Additional vendor agreement and policies


Adobe PDF Version

WIC Vendor Agreement/Policy Violations
(01/01/17) (233 kb, PDF)

WV: 01.0

WIC Farmers' Market Agreement/Policy Violations
(03/01/14) (60 kb, PDF)

WV: 01.1

Least Expensive Brands Declaration
(01/01/17)  (70 kb, PDF)

WV: 02.0

Inadequate Participant Access
(04/01/15)  (11 kb, PDF)

WV: 03.0

Disputes Related to the Late Submission of WIC EBT Transactions and/or Submission of Malformed Transactions
(12/01/16)  (41 kb, PDF)

WV: 05.0

WIC Vendor Training
(11/01/16)  (18 kb, PDF)

WV: 08.0

Restriction on Vendor Incentive Items
(10/1/12)  (18 kb, PDF)

WV: 09.0

Selection of Vendors for WIC Initial Authorization of Site and Calculation and Use of Vendor Competitive Pricing Data
(09/01/16)  (289 kb, PDF)

WV: 10.0

Selection of Vendors for Reauthorization for Participation
(08/01/16)  (49 kb, PDF)

WV: 11.0

WIC EBT Retail Vendor ECR Systems
(10/01/16)  (62 kb, PDF)

WV: 12.0

WIC Vendor Right to Administrative Review 
(12/01/16)  (59 kb, PDF)

WV: 13.0

Appeal Procedures for WIC Farmer's Markets/Farmers  
(12/01/11)  (24 kb, PDF)

WV: 13.1

Approved Rules

This page is provided by the Nutrition Services Section as an overview of the adopted rules applicable to vendors authorized by the WIC Program and vendors seeking application to participate.

Rules are available through a link to the Texas Administrative Code (TAC).

Rule citation and name

25 TAC, Part 1, Chapter 31, Subchapter C, 31.21
Definitions. (WIC Program)


Texas Administrative Code

Texas Administrative Code 31.21
Plus definitions in WIC Policy WV:10.0


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Last updated December 30, 2016