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Texas Nutrition Environment Assessment in Restaurants (TxNEA-R) Tool

The Texas Nutrition Environment Assessment in Restaurants (TxNEA-R) tool is a Texas adaptation of the Nutrition Environment Measures Survey in Restaurants (NEMS-R) tool. The tool can be used to assess the nutrition environment of prepared food outlets in order to make healthy choices easier. To learn about the tool, first look at the Background Training Webinar. 


The TxNEA-R tool consists of:


**Note: The link on the title slide of each training has changed to http://www.dshs.texas.gov/Obesity/TXNEAR/.  


The TxNEA-R Manual describes the protocols for community coordinators and raters.

Possible Interventions

TxNEA-R Strategies describes strategies for improving health outcomes in prepared food environments based on each question of the Texas Nutrition Environment Assessment in Restaurants (TxNEA-R) survey.

Effective Strategies for Making Healthy Choices Easier When Eating Out describes strategies which have been effective in helping customers make healthy choices when eating out and helping foodservice operators improve their business.

Technical Assistance

For technical assistance, email BringingHealthyBack@dshs.texas.gov. 


Last updated June 28, 2022