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TDC Tool Kit - Resources for Healthcare Professionals

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Empowering your patient is powerful medicine.Download DSME Materials

As the number of people with diabetes grows, so do the demands on your time and practice. It can be challenging to spend the time necessary to help patients understand their diabetes and make lifestyle changes to protect their health. Patients who aren’t fully committed are less likely to meet follow-up guidelines, so they require more frequent office visits. Patients who are empowered to manage their own care tend to have better outcomes.

Effective diabetes self-management is possible. The Texas Diabetes Council Tool Kit can show you how.

The Texas Diabetes Council Tool Kit

The Texas Diabetes Council’s Diabetes Tool Kit was prepared by an interdisciplinary team of certified diabetes educators (CDEs) and professional staff of the Texas Department of State Health Services Diabetes Prevention and Control Program to be of service to Texas practitioners and diabetes educators working with patients who have diabetes. Many partners contribute to its development, revision, and distribution.

The Diabetes Tool Kit Features:

  1. Self-management training content based on the National Standards for Diabetes Education
  2. Minimum standards of care and evidence-based treatment algorithms prepared by endocrinologists, physicians, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, and other professionals appointed to the Medical Professionals Advisory Subcommittee of the Texas Diabetes Council

The Diabetes Tool Kit is a resource that includes professional and patient education materials. It assists primary care providers, educators, and health plans in delivering quality care and implementing quality improvement efforts. Copy masters of patient handouts in English and Spanish help primary care providers and educators address basic self-management education with their patients who have diabetes. These tools assist those who conduct diabetes self-management education, case management, or disease management.

TDC Resources for Healthcare Professionals:

The Texas Diabetes Council is committed to assuring that Texans with diabetes receive high-quality care from healthcare providers who have access to the latest information related to diabetes. This priority area includes developing, updating, and distributing standards of care that serve as guides for providers, payers, and educators. Other activities support changes in healthcare systems that promote not only quality care, but also diabetes prevention.

Prevent Diabetes STAT

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Medical Association (AMA) are sounding an alarm about prediabetes because a national effort — by everyone from physicians to employers to patients to community organizations — is required to prevent type 2 diabetes in the United States. In addition to focusing on the person with prediabetes or diabetes, we also must engage the systems and communities where people live, work and play. We can all Act – Today. The AMA and CDC encourage you to Screen / Test / Act Today™.

Visit Prevent Diabetes STAT website.

Health for Life Diabetes Initiative

The TMF Health Quality Institute’s Health for Life Diabetes Initiative works with community partners and physicians to help eliminate health disparities and increase opportunities for Diabetes Self-management Education (DSME) among underserved populations, especially African Americans with diabetes.  This initiative offers free tools and resources, webinars, conferences and recorded events that can help educators and physicians practice better care for patients with diabetes.

Visit the Health for Life website to join in reducing disparities among underserved populations with diabetes in Texas:  http://texasqio.tmf.org/Networks/HealthforLifeDiabetesInitiative.aspx

DiabetesInTexas.org - Resources for Diabetes Self-Management Education and SupportDiabetes Education

Visit DiabetesInTexas.org, a new website where people with prediabetes or diabetes can find education classes to learn better ways to care for yourself and health care providers can find resources to help patients actively engage in their treatment.

Speaking the Language of Diabetes Graphic(1)Speaking the Language of Diabetes

Language Guidance for Diabetes-related Research, Education, and Publications

What you say matters. For people with diabetes, language has an impact on motivation, behaviors, and outcomes. Visit the resources page for information from the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) and the American Diabetes Association (ADA), or view the Quick Guide for Healthcare Providers (PDF 7mb) and Full Article from The Diabetes Educator (PDF 1mb).

Last updated May 17, 2018