Health Services Region 8


Health Services Region 8
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Christian Alliance with Social Services Involvement

Atascosa, Bexar,  Wilson Hilda Castillo, LBSW
PO Box 762531
San Antonio, TX 78245
210-332-3127 210-267-2654 Email  

Department of State Health Services - HSR 8

All counties in Region 8 Leticia Guerra, LBSW, Program Manager of Case Management & Social Work Services  7430 Louis Pasteur Drive
San Antonio, TX 78229
210-949-2000 210-949-2047

Erica B. Barfield, LMSW

DeWitt, Victoria

Erica B. Barfield, LMSW

PO Box 7863
Victoria, TX 77903

361-649-8730  361-579-6885
Email Provides services to children ages 5-16 only; no pregnant women. 
Evette Williams-Fernandez, LMSW-IPR  Bexar Evette Williams-Fernandez, LMSW-IPR PO Box 760131
San Antonio, TX 78245
210-884-3497 210-675-7362 Email  

Family Service Association of San Antonio, Inc.

Atascosa, Bexar, Wilson

Ron Flores, MS, LMSW-IPR

702 San Pedro Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78212

210-299-2400 210-270-0545 Email  

HIP Healthy Innovative Processes

Bexar, City of San Antonio only; Kerr County, Kerrville only; Kendall County, Boerne only

Patricia E. Adams, DMin

P O Box 29735
San Antonio TX  78229


210-271-9414  Email   



Linda Ramirez, LBSW

P. O. Box 65221
San Antonio TX 78265


210-637-7015  Email   
Latched Support  Bexar  Veronica Haywood, RN, BSN & Ashley Green, RN, BSN 8102 Midcrown Drive
Windcrest TX 78239
210-504-8015 210-569-7718 Email  

Ramona O. Barrientos, LMSW

Bexar County zip codes only: 78233, 78148, 78154, 78247, 78217, 78216 P O Box 3145
Universal City TX  78148 



Unique Kare Children Services Comal, Guadalupe Viola Vera, LBSW 1236 Rocky Road
Kyle, TX 78640
512-679-3438 512-532-7200 Email  

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