Detailed Contact Information

Get all the detailed contact information you need for all departments of the Center for Health Statistics from the information below.

How to Submit a Data Request Form

All Data Request forms must be submitted by email or mail.  

Be sure to include the following information: 

  • Name and contact info 
  • The precise data value you need (births with no prenatal care, ...) 
  • Type of data (raw counts, rates, ...) 
  • Time period and time units (1999-2002 by year, 2001 by month, ...) 
  • Geographic coverage (all Texas, a particular county, ...) 
  • Aggregation unit (by county, by public health region, ...) 
  • Data breakdowns (age, gender, race/ethnicity, ...) 
  • Preferred data format (delimited text, spreadsheet, database, ...) 

For public health regions, be sure to specify whether you want the 11 Public Health Regions or the 8 Health Service Regions. For age breakdowns, specify the age groupings needed. 

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Center For Health Statistics, Department of State Health Service
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