TCNWS Continues Nurse Staffing Research in Hospital Settings


The 2012 Hospital Nurse Staffing Survey

The Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies (TCNWS) conducted its fifth survey on nurse staffing in Texas hospitals. A task force comprising representatives from hospitals, Texas Hospital Association, and TCNWS staff contributed to this study.


The Nursing Shortage in Hospitals

The purpose of the Hospital Nurse Staffing Survey (HNSS) is to assess the size and effects of the nursing shortage in Texas’ largest employer of nurses. Turnover and vacancy rates of RNs in hospitals are important factors to measure the severity of the nursing shortage in Texas.


Nursing Facility Input is Greatly Valued

Chief Nursing Officers, Directors of Nursing, and Human Resources Directors were asked to participate in the web-based Hospital Nurse Staffing Survey during March and April 2012. The data provided in the HNSS will be instrumental in developing projections of the number of nurses needed in Texas’ hospitals. The outcome of this research will be reported to federal and state lawmakers, the Texas Governor's Office and other stakeholders throughout the state. These findings, as well as the resulting policy-level recommendations, will serve as a resource in establishing legislative priorities and making legislative and policy decisions.

Survey responses will be strictly confidential. Individual facility data will NOT be identified in this study.   We want you to feel comfortable sharing your information. All data will be coded and access will be restricted. TCNWS will report all findings from the research in aggregate form only, as mandated by Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 105.


Survey findings are available on our Publications page.

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Last updated March 4, 2013