Population Data for Texas

Population projections were updated on this site on Wednesday, 12/17/14, including population for 2014. Population projection models are revised biennially based on the latest information on births, deaths, and special populations. Most areas did not change substantially in any given year, but be aware that some figures are now different from the previous projection series created in 2012. For more information, please see the Texas Population Projections Program.

The Center for Health Statistics maintains a population database for all Texas counties that serves many purposes in public health analysis and planning. In addition to providing denominators for the calculation of rates of disease, fertility, and mortality, the dataset supports the understanding of demographic indicators such as birth rates, life expectancy, number of women of childbearing age, population density, and aging of the population. Population projected into the future assists in planning for changes in demand for health services and workforce requirements.

Instructions for easily accessing population data.

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Data Availability:

A single series of population data for the period 1990 through 2050 has been assembled from several sources encompassing three main types of data: census counts (1990, 2000, 2010), estimates (1991-1999, 2001-2009, 2011-2013), and projections (2011-). Data for all years since 1999 have been provided by the Texas State Data Center for all Texas counties by single year of age up to age 85. For more detail and documentation of race/ethnicity categories, see the "Sources and Updates" button at left.

Summary tables of total population by race/ethnicity are accessible from the menu at left.  Databases containing the information of these summary tables and others that provide additional age and sex detail have been provided in the form of downloadable data files for a selected range of years.

For a selected set of age groups, data tables can be requested through the dynamic query system, Texas Health Data. You'll find other published tables of population information in reports hosted on this website and through additional links available through the "More Information" button at left.

Staff of the Center for Health Statistics can provide custom built tables and datasets from the population database on request. (See contact information at left).


Last updated September 10, 2018