More Information on Population Data for Texas

The population data maintained by staff of the DSHS Center for Health Statistics may be accessed electronically in different formats:

HTML tables

Choose the button for a desired year in the left column under "Summary Tables by year".

Custom User Tables (HTML or .csv)

This population data query system allows users to choose from specific age groups to build tables by race and sex for Texas counties for single or multiple years 1990 to 2020.

Texas Health Currents

Texas Health Currents is a collection of dynamic reports that contain the most up-to-date health data available at CHS. The system allows for comparisons between different geographical areas including counties, regions, and border areas.

Texas Health Fact Profiles 

The Health Facts Profile series contains basic demographic information for counties, reported for each year from 1995 to 2005.

Custom Queries

Custom queries for Texas population data by any age group can be obtained by emailing a request to CHS-Info.


Texas State Data Center

The Texas State Data Center (TxSDC) and the Office of the State Demographer function as a liason to the U.S. Census Bureau. The Texas State Data Center disseminates population data from the Census as well as maintains its own set of population estimates and projections. The Center for Health Statistics uses a combination of TxSDC generated estimates and projections in calculations. Information about the specific data sources used by CHS is maintained in the webpage titled "Sources and Updates".

There are two systems maintained by the TxSDC for retrieving estimates and projections. The estimates data tool provides age detailed data for all years of estimates. The projection data tool provides age detailed data for all years for which projections are released (currently 2000-2040). 



Last updated November 26, 2014