Texas Population Data Sources and Updates

Latest Update
June 2015

Population estimates for 2013 by age, sex, race, and county were added to the site. The previous population data for 2013 was based on the projection model.

Next expected
early 2016 Texas State Data Center estimates for 2014 will be added.
Texas Population Data Sources and Updates

The population data maintained by staff of the DSHS Center for Health Statistics originate from different sources:

• Census Data - 1990, 2000, and 2010
Census 1990, 2000, and 2010 remain the most dependable sources for population figures. However, the Census is conducted decennially, so counts will not be updated again until after 2020. Details of the methodology for aggregating population counts to the race/ethnicity categories of Anglo, Black, Hispanic, and Other can be found on the webpages of the Texas State Data Center.
• Estimates - currently 2001-2013
Once released from the Texas State Data Center, these population figures are final, and will not ordinarily be replaced by future sets of data. At CHS, the Texas State Data Center estimates remain the most stable and dependable population data for most purposes. When new estimates become available, they can replace the projected population data, although previous projections will still be available. Details of methodology may be obtained from the Population Estimates Program web pages at the Texas State Data Center.
• Projections - currently 2011-2020
The Texas State Data Center prepares population projections for Texas counties every two years. The current projections were released in November 2014 and cover the period 2010 through 2050. A number of projection "scenarios" are available, differing only in the strength of the net migration that is assumed to occur across the entire projection period. The Center for Health Statistics uses the 1.0 migration scenario, which is based on migration patterns of the 2000-2010 period.  Detailed information on the methodology underlying the projected data appears on the website of the Population Projections Program at the Texas State Data Center.
• Estimates - 1991-1999
Prepared by staff of the DSHS Center for Health Statistics using age-race-sex specific interpolation at the county level to produce a series of smoothly varying population figures. These data do not provide estimates for single year of age beyond age 74, unlike population figures for 2000 and beyond, where single year of age detail may be obtained through age 84. However, five year age group data for ages 75-79 and 80-84 can be extracted from the database for 1991-1999. No plans are in place to replace population data for any of these years.
Last updated July 2, 2015