Communicable Disease Control Measures in Texas

A Guide for Health Authorities in a Public Health Emergency

Communicable Disease Control Measure in Texas PDF 1237 KB
The laws and rules cited in the Guide are current as of May 1, 2007.

Communicable Disease Control forms in MS Word format:

Part Three: Control Measures for Individuals

Page 11... Health Authority Order 32 KB

Page 13... Health Authority's Affidavit of Medical Evaluation 29 KB

Page 15... Commissioner's Designation of Health Facility 26 KB

Part Four: Control Measures for Property

Page 18.... Notice to Person Who Owns or Controls Property: Quarantine of Property 36 KB

Page 22....Order of Control Measures to Be Imposed on Property 36 KB

Part Five: Control Measures for Area

Page 30....Order Declaring an Area Quarantine 35 KB

Part Six: Control Measures for Common Carriers

Page 37....Order for Collection of Information on Detained Common Carrier 50 KB

Last updated October 28, 2011