COVID-19 Animations and Videos

On these pages, you will find multimedia tools to view and share. Staying informed and taking the #HealthyTexas steps in these tools helps to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in our communities.
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Please use and share these animations and videos on your channels to help educate Texans about COVID-19. Please tag @TexasDSHS when posting graphics or animations from our #HealthyTexas COVID-19 Communication Tools.


Download and post these animations to your social media channels or share through YouTube.

Stay Six Feet Apart

YouTube: English | Spanish


Wear a Face Covering in Public

YouTube: English | Spanish


Wash Your Hands Often

YouTube: English | Spanish


How One Infects Many

YouTube: English | Spanish


Watch our YouTube playlists below and share the videos with your friends and loved ones.

COVID-19: English Playlist


COVID-19: Spanish Playlist


Answers to Your COVID-19 Questions


ASL Video Resources

You can find videos in American Sign Language (ASL) on the DSHS COVID-19 ASL YouTube Playlist or the CDC COVID-19 ASL YouTube Playlist.

The CDC website has additional communication resources available in other languages, including Spanish and simplified Chinese.

This page is being updated as new information becomes available.