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The CSHCN Services Program places clients on a waiting list for health care benefits whenever there are not enough funds to support all clients seeking health care benefits.  The Program may take clients off the waiting list when it has enough funds to provide these clients with health care benefits. The waiting list includes new clients and clients who did not send in a renewal application before their eligibility ran out. All clients including those on the waiting list are eligible for case management services.

All clients in the CSHCN Services Program have an eligibility period of twelve months. Clients who receive health care benefits must remember to renew on time every twelve months to avoid being placed on the waiting list. Clients who are on the waiting list must submit a renewal application every twelve months. All applications must be complete and current to be considered when clients are being removed from the waiting list to begin receiving health care benefits. If an application is incomplete at the time clients are removed from the waiting list, clients will not begin receiving health care benefits.

It is important for the clients removed from the waiting list to keep their current health care benefits through Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare and private insurance. The CSHCN Services Program will help pay for additional or other services that are not covered under their benefit package. We also urge all  clients to keep their applications current by renewing on time every year.

See more information about the waiting list below.  If there are any questions or concerns about the waiting list, please call us at 1-800-252-8023.

Waiting List Removals

There are certain things the Program considers when deciding which waiting list clients may be removed from the waiting list and granted health care benefits, including:

  • the doctor's statement on the Physician/Dentist Assessment Form
  • the client’s other insurance coverage, if any, including Medicaid or CHIP
  • how long the client has been on the waiting list

When removed from the waiting list to begin receiving health care benefits, clients will receive an approval letter and Eligibility Form. The letter and form will explain what services they can receive and the dates they are eligible to receive them.

Once clients are removed from the waiting list and begin receiving health care benefits, they must renew their eligibility every year. If clients do not renew on time, they will return to the waiting list. 

To learn more or to ask questions about the CSHCN Services Program, contact the Program at 1-800-252-8023.

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Last updated February 17, 2017