School Nurses and Administrators

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This video provides school nurses and administrators with an overview of the preventive dental services, including dental sealants and fluoride varnish, offered through the Department of State Health Service’s Oral Health Program. It reviews the process of organizing a school-based dental clinic from planning through the operation of the clinic.

Oral Health Program activities around the state:

  • School-based preventive dental clinics with portable equipment
  • Statewide data collection
  • Collaboration with partners

Preventive dental services in your school:

  • Priority to schools with 85% or greater free or reduced lunch program participation
  • Free to school and child                

Tooth decay (cavities) is the single most common chronic childhood disease.*

Preventive services include:

  • Limited oral evaluation to check for problems with children’s teeth and mouth
  • Dental sealants, shown to significantly reduce tooth decay
  • Fluoride varnish application that can stop or reverse early tooth decay or “white spots”

*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Contact Information for Oral Health Regional Representatives

Healthy Mouths

Low Cost Dental Services can be found on the CLIENT and PARENT INFORMATION page on this website. Link to PROVIDER information on Low Cost Dental Services.

Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors (ASTDD) - Data for indicators from the National Oral Health Surveillance System (NOHSS), Water Fluoridation Statistics biennial reports, and the annual Synopses of State Oral Health Programs. State-level data provided for all indicators. National-level data of state-level data also provided. Synopses data provided by ASTDD includes additional context for the NOHSS indicators. New data is added as it becomes available.

Policies and Rules 



Texas Oral Health Surveillance System (TOHSS)

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Last updated June 28, 2016