School Nurses and Administrators

School Nurses and Administrators can be the catalysts in promoting good oral health practices in children pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. This video provides school nurses and administrators with an overview of Smiles in Schools, a school-based oral health program to help prevent cavities and keep kids healthy. It reviews the process of organizing a school-based dental clinic from planning through the operation of the clinic.

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What are the advantages of school-based dental clinics?

School-based dental clinics help identify the oral health needs of students and provides preventive care.  Dental screenings that include education, sealants, fluoride varnish application and necessary referrals can have a positive effect on the oral health status of children.  
Oral health prevention clinics primary advantage is convenient access to preventive oral health services for the school, child, and parents.  It makes it easier for students to receive care because they don’t have to travel to an appointment. Parents do not have to take off time from work to bring their child to the health care provider, and students do not miss hours of school time sitting in a provider’s office.

Parents receive a results form to help them understand the dental needs of their child.  The results form also tells the parent what they should do next.

The role of the school nurse

The school nurse plays a pivotal role in the success of these clinics. Regional dental teams must obtain the appropriate permissions from parents and school administrators to work with school-aged children. A school nurse or school counselor may serve as an outreach coordinator that can assist the dental teams in coordinating the program.

How can I find out if my school is eligible?

Contact Information for Oral Health Regional Representatives

How Can the School Nurse and Teachers Promote Good Oral Health?

  • By arranging an oral health prevention clinic
  • By displaying dental health posters
  • By working with school administrators and parents to provide healthy food and drinks in school vending machines



Last updated August 5, 2019