Promotion of Oral Health

Promote Oral Health

How Can the School Nurse and Teachers Promote Good Oral Health?

  • By getting others interested in the Oral Health Program.  
  • By displaying dental health posters.
  • By working with school administrators and parents to provide healthy food and drinks in school vending machines.
  • By arranging for dental screenings and helping volunteer dentists screen students.

Who Else Can Help?

  • School Nurses and Teachers can be the catalysts in promoting good oral health practices in children pre-kindergarten through sixth grade.
  • Encourage your local dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants to assist in training teachers and making volunteer classroom presentations.
  • Encourage parents to support the Oral Health Program by reinforcing dental health practices at home with their children.
  • Community organizations can cooperate by publicizing the Oral Health Program

Teacher's Glossary of English/Spanish Oral Health Terms [PDF 1.10MB]

Last updated July 5, 2016