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Licensing Requirements - Narcotic Treatment Clinics

Thank you for visiting the Narcotic Treatment Clinics program webpage. The Department of State Health Services maintains this webpage, but pursuant to Senate Bill 200, regulatory authority over Narcotic Treatment Clinics has transferred to the Health and Human Services Commission. (HHSC) as of September 1, 2017.

License Application

Narcotic treatment clinics seeking licensure must complete the Narcotic Treatment Program Application & Status Report (PDF, 123KB) in order to be considered for a new license, a renewal of license, or for a change in status.

Once the application form in completed, the following requirements must be satisfied before a license application may be considered:

  • A license application fee of $1000 must be included with the application
  • Mail the application to:
    DSHS - Narcotic Treatment Section
    1100 West 49th Street
    Austin, Texas 78756
  • Apply for and obtain a Federal permit from SAMHSA/CSAT, Division of Pharmacotherapy
  • Apply for and obtain a Federal permit from DEA/Diversion Control

Inspection of Facilities

All NTCs must be inspected at least once a year. During these inspections, the Narcotic Treatment section ensures that the NTCs comply with state and federal regulations.

  • Patients admitted for treatment have a history of addiction and current physiologic addiction to opiates
  • Adequate documentation of a patient's treatment history is obtained
  • Counseling services are being provided
  • Medical services are being provided
  • Counselors and medical personnel are documenting and reviewing patient progress
  • Referral services are provided to those patients that require them
  • Drug screening for illegal substances is performed as required
  • Annual screenings for tuberculosis are performed
  • Efforts are being made to prevent dual enrollment
  • The facility has adequate security for the drug stocks
  • All doses of narcotic drug dispensed are logged and inventories maintained
  • The NTC is maintaining contact with DSHS whenever questions or problems arise

Complaints and Investigations

We also investigate complaints where personal injury or significant violations of the regulations have occurred. Each complaint forwarded to us is thoroughly investigated to ensure that the NTC is complying with state and federal regulations.

Last updated November 9, 2017