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This page contains links to other Internet web sites with helpful information about funding opportunities (grants) and doing business with the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and the State of Texas.

Department of State Health Services

Funding Information Center

Find information on public health funding opportunities (grants) from public and private sources through timely announcements and monthly newsletters. Also has information on grantsmanship and grant writing.
DSHS Funding Information Center


Find out how to contract with DSHS and a list of health services.
DSHS Grants/Funding

Programs and Services

Find contacts for individual DSHS programs.
DSHS Programs

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Electronic State Business Daily

Review notices of contract opportunities and awards for all Texas state agencies. All purchases over $25,000 are posted here, including goods and services, catalog purchases, grants and contracts, professional services, consultant services and construction projects. Replaces the Texas Marketplace as a free online tool to facilitate government procurement. This site is maintained by the Texas Building and Procurement Commission.
Electronic State Business Daily

Texas Register

Locate information regarding public notices of rules, Attorney General opinions, hearings, funding opportunities and awards, requests for information, licensing and certification applications.
Texas Register


Last updated August 3, 2010