THISIS FAQ Transitioning to THISIS

Once THISIS rolls out, can we keep using EHARS and STD*MIS if we want?

After all data has been moved over to THISIS, all sites will want to use THISIS. There will no longer be support for the older HIV/STD data entry sites.

Will eHARS still be available or will there be a way to search for HARS numbers in THISIS?

eHARS will continue to be available until after Release 3 at which time, HIV/AIDS reporting will be incorporated into the THISIS platform. Once Release 3 is launched, HARS numbers will be searchable.

How will sites receive labs during conversion from STD*MIS to THISIS?

You all will still be receiving the lab file as normal. DSHS Central Office staff will import all those labs into THISIS after conversion.

We recommend surveillance staff keep a spreadsheet with investigation outcomes during conversion so they can update any workflows in THISIS after go-live. Once the labs are imported into THISIS by central office, many of them will trigger workflows specified to your jurisdiction. You will want to plan on dedicating staff time to the processes of updating the workflows and data entry. The amount of time this will take will depend on the volume of labs received by your program during that time.