HIV Dashboard - New Diagnoses

Indicator: Reduce new HIV diagnoses by 25% from 2010 to 2020

Overall Status: Not on track

White MSM: Not on track
Black MSM: Not on track
Hispanic MSM: Not on track
Black Women who have sex with men: Achieved goal early

New DX

New DX Race Ethnicity

Source of goal: NHAS 2020
Source of information: HIV surveillance, eHARS

This goal calls for no more than 3,361 new diagnoses in Texas by 2020. Texas has not made progress in reducing total new diagnoses, or in reducing new diagnoses in MSM. In fact, new diagnoses in Hispanic and Black MSM have grown over the past 7 years. As Texas reduces the number of persons with HIV infection who are undiagnosed, we will continue to see flat or growing new HIV diagnoses in these groups even if new infections are falling. However, new diagnoses in Black heterosexual women have been reduced by more than 25%, meaning the 2020 goal was achieved early.