HIV Dashboard - Perinatal HIV Diagnoses

Indicator: Reduce Perinatally-acquired HIV Diagnoses by 25% from 2006 levels (Healthy People 2020)

Overall Status: Achieved goal early

Whites: Achieved goal early
Blacks: Not on track
Hispanics: Achieved goal early





Data source: Texas eHARS, 2016
Goal source: Healthy People 2020

Texas has achieved the goal of reducing perinatal HIV by 25% early for total births, Whites, and Latinos/Hispanics. Texas is on track to meeting the goal for Blacks, but remains above the target as of 2016.

This goal calls for fewer than 14 perinatal HIV diagnoses in Texas by 2020. Perinatal HIV is the transmission of HIV from a mother to her baby during pregnancy, childbirth, or while breastfeeding. In 2008, 18 cases of perinatal HIV were diagnosed in Texas. In 2016, Texas met this goal as only 10 cases of perinatal HIV were diagnosed. Furthermore, the 25% reduction goal was met among Whites and Hispanics. However, the number of perinatal HIV cases diagnosed in Black babies remains above 8 cases, with an average of 11 cases diagnosed per year.

Texas must continue to ensure all women living with HIV receive adequate HIV therapy and counseling on how to reduce the risk of transmission during pregnancy and after delivery.