500.005 Contractor Review of HIV/STD-Related Educational Materials For Public Use

Policy Number 500.005
Effective Date May 19, 1999
Revision Date December 6, 2007
Subject Matter Expert Public Information Coordinator
Approval Authority Branch Manager
Signed by  

1.0 Purpose

This policy requires that Contractors of the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), HIV/STD Comprehensive Services Branch (Branch) use a Program Materials Review Panel (PMRP) to review and approve all educational materials related to HIV/AIDS and STD prevention that are intended for public use. These materials, which are to be used and distributed in the local service area, may be developed locally or purchased.

2.0 Authority

V.T.C.A. Health and Safety Code, 81.022 and Chapter 85; 97 TAC, § 97.142; 98 TAC, §§ 98.61, 98.64, 98.66 and 98.68; U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention’ “CONTENT OF AIDS-RELATED WRITTEN MATERIALS, PICTORIALS, AUDIOVISUALS, QUESTIONNAIRES, SURVEY INSTRUMENTS, AND EDUCATIONAL SESSION IN CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS” Interim Revisions June 1992.

3.0 Definitions

Educational materials - includes such items as pamphlets, fliers, brochures, questionnaires, survey instruments, motion pictures, slide shows, digital and/or analog audiovisual materials, posters, slides, paintings, drawings, computer-based presentations, or Web sites.

4.0 Responsibilities

HIV/STD contractors are required to follow CDC guidelines located at cdc.gov/hiv/library/ relative to the content of HIV/STD educational materials. Questions regarding these requirements should be directed to the Field Operations Consultant or Regional HIV/STD Coordinator.

5.0 Revision History

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