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POPS Chapter 15 - Client Referral Standards

15.1 Assessment

Assessment of client needs and resources must include prevention, clinical, psycho-social, and other support services. Mandated referrals of clients to appropriate agencies are required to be made for known or suspected child/elderly/disabled abuse or neglect, threats of suicide or violence against person or property, and infectious TB.


15.2 Personnel

Any direct service personnel are trained/qualified to provide referrals to a client and to refer the client to another staff member to receive this service. Referral activities are included in the relevant staff job descriptions.


15.3 Procedures and Protocols

There are written protocols for:

  • referrals and follow-up, including provision for obtaining specific written releases from clients for all referral and follow-up activities

  • reporting situations as mandated by law


15.3.1 Documentation

  • Referrals and follow-up are documented in the client record/chart

  • Educational materials given to the client are documented in the client record/chart

  • Referrals are reported in the COMPIS/data collection system as required


15.3.2 Elements of Referral

Resources - Staff making referrals have access to resource information (e.g., Texas HIV/STD Community Resource Directory, local service directories) that is current and relevant to the population in the service area.

Linkages - Referral linkages are current and documented in Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) or Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) as necessary. 

Education - Provide relevant educational materials, in language appropriate to the population at-risk in the service area.

Follow-up -

  • A policy and procedure for follow-up with the client are established

  • A method of assessing client satisfaction with the given referral and addressing incidents of negative feedback from the client is established



15.1 Assessment

15.2 Personnel

15.3 Procedures and Protocols

Last updated April 6, 2022