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ARIES Training - What is ARIES?

What is ARIES?

The AIDS Regional Information and Evaluation System (ARIES) is used to enhance services for clients with HIV by helping providers automate, plan, manage, and report on client data.

Why is ARIES needed?

The Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) requires all participating sites to use a Uniformed Reporting System (URS) for reporting the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Services Report (RSR). The RSR is a client-level data reporting requirement that monitors characteristics of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipients, providers, and clients served. The RSR covers the full calendar year and are submitted online via the Electronic Handbook (EHB). All RSRs must be submitted by 6 pm ET on the last Monday in March. ARIES is used as the URS in Texas for reporting the Ryan White Part B services report. 

Benefits of ARIES

ARIES serves to collect HRSA required data specified on the RSR Instruction Manual. Those data are to be reported at the end of each measurement year where ARIES can collect and report all RSR data in an organized way. The Eligibility Document Upload functionality in ARIES was piloted in 2017 and have observed improved patient access to care and population health outcomes by providing an electronic platform for uploading Texas Health Medication Program (THMP) applications for client medication assistance. The process has improved processing times and can eliminate any barriers when patients change providers. As one agency stated, “The documents are available in ARIES and you don’t need to obtain the document from the filed client chart. Also, if a shared client moves to another location, the new provider will be able to have those documents already in ARIES. This saves time for the providers and their clients in completing intakes or any other client applications.”

How to use ARIES

There are many types of ARIES users. A user is someone who will be using the ARIES system. Depending on your job title and/or function, you may have access to different capabilities and information within the system (permissions). In ARIES, users general group or roles define the permissions of a user. ARIES administrators will assign all users to one or more roles within the system based on their job functions for internal staff and Minority AIDS Initiative providers. All other users should contact their Data Manager when initiating ARIES access. Several resources are available to assist users in learning how to work and navigate within ARIES. For additional information on ARIES please contact the ARIES Data Team (ADT) at ARIESHelp@dshs.texas.gov.


Last updated June 28, 2021