2017 National Immunization Survey (NIS) - Vaccination Coverage Levels

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National Immunization Survey-Teen (NIS-Teen) 2017, Texas

Immunization coverage among Texas teens 13-17 years old

Source: CDC NIS-Teen Tables

About the National Immunization Survey-Teen (NIS-Teen)

The NIS-Teen is a national survey conducted annually by the CDC to assess immunization levels for adolescents 13-17 years of age. This study collects data by interviewing households in all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and selected areas for oversampling. The interviews are conducted by telephone, with households selected at random. To ensure the accuracy and precision of the vaccination coverage estimates, immunization data for surveyed adolescents are also collected through a mail survey of their pediatricians, family physicians, and other health care providers. The parents and guardians of eligible adolescents are asked during the telephone interview for consent to contact the adolescents’ vaccination providers. Types of immunizations, dates of administration, and additional data about facility characteristics are requested from immunization providers that are identified during the telephone survey of households. The NIS-Teen’s estimates of adolescent vaccination coverage reflect a comparison of information provided by both surveyed households and immunization providers. There is another survey, called the NIS, that assesses immunization levels among children 19-35 months of age.

The NIS-Teen was established to provide an on-going, consistent data set for analyzing vaccination levels among adolescents in the United States (US) and to disseminate this information to interested public health partners. The NIS-Teen provides national and state estimates of vaccination coverage, including new vaccines as they are licensed and recommended for use. It also helps track progress towards the Healthy People 2020 goals.

Survey Sample

The survey assessed the immunization histories of approximately 20,000 adolescents aged 13-17 years in the US. These adolescents were born between January 1999 and February 2005. In Texas, approximately 2,000 adolescents were surveyed for the 2017 NIS-Teen.

Vaccines Included

The following vaccine doses routinely recommended for adolescents were measured in the 2017 NIS-Teen.

  • ≥1 Tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (Tdap) vaccine.
  • ≥1 dose of MenACWY or meningococcal-unknown type vaccine.
  • ≥1 dose of HPV vaccine.1
  • HPV vaccine Up-to-Date, either quadrivalent or bivalent.1 
    1 Percentage reported among females and males separately. 

Vaccination Coverage Levels

NIS-Teen Immunization Coverage Estimates in the U.S. and Texas, 2016-2017
Vaccine U.S. National Average 2017 Texas 2016 Texas 2017 2016-17 Texas Percentage Point Change(+/-)
HPV vaccine, ≥1 dose  65.5%  49.3%  57.8%  8.5% 
HPV vaccine, Up-To-Date a  48.6%  32.9% 39.7%  6.8%
MenACWY, ≥1 dose  85.1%  85.5%  85.1%  -0.4% 
Tdap, ≥1 dose  88.7%  85.0%  83.2%  -1.8% 

a Reporting of HPV vaccine doses received changed for 2016. HPV Up-To-Date is now being used to represent a full series, previously reported as ≥2 and ≥3 doses of HPV.

NIS-Teen Immunization Coverage Estimates for Tdap and MenACWY by Jurisdiction, 2017

View accessible data table of chart below:

NIS-Teen Immunization Coverage Estimates for Tdap and MenACWY by Jurisdiction, 2017
 Vaccine Texas  City of Houston  Bexar County  El Paso County  Dallas County   Travis County
 ≥1 Tdapf  83.2%  87.9%  83.7%   89.6%   77.0%   85.9%
 ≥1 MenACWY  85.1%  91.4%   86.0%  89.5%   85.1%   89.1% 

NIS-Teen One-Dose HPV Immunization Coverage Estimates by Sex, U.S. and Texas, 2008-2017B

Survey methodology was updated in 2013 to include more records.  

NIS-Teen HPV Immunization Coverage Estimates by Sex and Jurisdiction, 2017

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NIS-Teen Immunization Coverage Estimates for HPV by Sex and Jurisdiction, 2017
 Vaccine Texas  City of Houston  Bexar County  El Paso County  Dallas County   Travis County
 ≥1 HPV, females  60.4%  73.6%  68.8%  84.8%  64.3%  76.8%
HPV UTD, females  43.5%  50.6%  55.6%  65.4%  41.7%  57.0%
 ≥1 HPV, males  55.2%  72.4%  57.1%  80.9%  45.2%  62.6%
 HPV UTD, males  36.0%  59.7%  37.2%  54.6%  29.9%  46.9%

For access to the full dataset, please visit the CDC Data and Documentation for NIS Surveys page.

Archived Survey Results

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