Texas Laws - School Immunizations

Texas laws (also called statutes) are legislative bills that have been approved by both houses of the legislature signed into law by elected leaders. By contrast, Texas rules are administrative regulations that are authorized by the legislature and created by state agencies.

Also view the Texas rules relating to school immunizations.

Texas Education Code

Section Title
§38.001 Immunization Requirements, Exceptions
§38.002 Immunization Records, Reporting
§38.0025 Dissemination of Bacterial Meningitis Information
§51.9191 Bacterial Meningitis Information for New Students
§51.9192 Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Required for Certain Students; Exceptions
§51.933 Immunization Requirements; Exception

Texas Health and Safety Code

Section Title
§81.023 Communicable Disease Prevention through Immunization
§161.004 Statewide Immunization of Children
§161.0041 Immunization Exemption Affidavit Form

Texas Human Resources Code

Section Title
§42.043 Rules for Immunizations [in Child-Care Facilities]
§42.04305 Vaccine-Preventable Disease Policy Required [in Child-Care Facilities]