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Information for the Public

How do I find a Yellow Fever Vaccination Center?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has developed a web-based registry of yellow fever vaccination clinics located in the US. This list of authorized clinics is accessible from CDC's Travelers' Health website at National Yellow Fever Provider List.

Where can I find more information on immunizations for foreign travel?

To learn more about immunizations required for international travel, see the following:

Where can I find more information on yellow fever and its vaccine?

To learn more about the yellow fever disease and vaccine, see the following:


Information for Healthcare Providers

Authorized Yellow Fever Vaccine Providers in Texas

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) is responsible for authorizing physicians in the state to administer yellow fever vaccine for travel outside the United States. A Uniform Stamp is issued to the physician and is used to validate the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICV), to verify that a traveler has been vaccinated against yellow fever.

Uniform Stamps are issued:

  • only to physicians holding a current Texas medical license, and
  • for use only at the specific vaccination center designated on the application

If a physician practices at more than one vaccination center, a separate application for each is required. Uniform Stamp authorization is required before yellow fever vaccine can be ordered and administered. A designated yellow fever vaccination center is the location where yellow fever vaccine will be shipped to and administered. The Texas Administrative Code (TAC) outlines all policies regarding Uniform Stamp authorization, and can be found online at 25 TAC Chapter 97, Subchapter G, Vaccination Stamps.

How to Become a Yellow Fever Vaccine Provider

The applicant must be a physician (medical doctor or doctor of osteopathic medicine) with a current Texas medical license. Physicians interested in participating as a designated yellow fever vaccination center should submit a completed Uniform Stamp Application Form and fee to obtain a Uniform Stamp.

Annual Reauthorization

In January of each year, every stamp holder must submit a Uniform Stamp Renewal Form and fee in order to retain authorization to administer yellow fever vaccine. Stamp holders who do not wish to renew must return the Uniform Stamp to DSHS at the address indicated on the renewal form. If you are a public health department, please contact DSHS as there is a different procedure for your renewal.

Lost or Damaged Uniform Stamp

Replacements for lost, damaged or illegible stamps may be requested by submitting the Uniform Stamp Replacement Form and fee. In all cases except for lost stamps, the old stamp must be returned to DSHS when you receive the replacement stamp.

Change of Address

DSHS must be notified of vaccination center address changes. If the new address is within the same county, the address change information can be faxed to DSHS at 512-776-7743. Please include both the old and the new addresses, on facility letterhead, signed by the stamp holder. Include the physician's name, stamp number and the effective date of the change.

If the vaccination center will move to a different county, a new Uniform Stamp must be issued. Please submit the Uniform Stamp Replacement Form and fee, giving as much advance notice as possible as it can take 10 weeks to receive a new stamp.

Address information will be updated with Sanofi-Pasteur and on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. Failure to notify DSHS of address changes may affect your ability to order yellow fever vaccine.

Returning a Uniform Stamp

If an authorized yellow fever vaccination center does not wish to continue offering yellow fever vaccines or fails to complete an annual reauthorization, the center's uniform vaccination stamp must be returned to the Texas Department of State Health Services along with a completed Uniform Stamp Return Form. Please mail the signed form and the uniform vaccination stamp to:

Immunizations Unit, MC 1946
Texas Department of State Health Services
P.O. Box 149347
Austin, Texas 78714-9347

Yellow Fever Forms and Publications

Yellow Fever Forms and Publications
Stock Number Title Revision
EF11-11971 Uniform Stamp Renewal Form (PDF) 10-2021
EF11-11972 Uniform Stamp Application Form (PDF) 10-2021
EF11-11974 Uniform Stamp Renewal - Public Health Departments Only (PDF) 10-2021
EF11-12887 Uniform Stamp Replacement Form (PDF) 10-2021
EF11-14717 Uniform Stamp Return Form (PDF) 10-2021

Contact Information

Contact the Immunizations Unit with questions:

Phone: (800) 252-9152

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