Immunization Media Center

Welcome to the DSHS Immunizations Media Center.

Here you’ll be able to find engaging, ready-to-run elements for online, on-air, and in-print marketing opportunities targeted to the general public. As campaigns are completed, we will post them for you to access.

YouTube Playlist: "Many Ways to Get the Flu" (released Sept. 2019)

Many Ways to Get the Flu

Digital Ads - Flu Season (released Sept. 2019)

Flu Digital Ad A  Digital Flu Ad A - Spanish

Digital Flu Ad B  Digital Flu Ad B - Spanish

Digital Flu Ad C  Digital Flu Ad C - Spanish

When using these digital ads, please attach the appropriate links:


FOR SPANISH:ón-Para-los-Padres/

Also available are 30-second radio public service announcements. To request, email

Last updated November 21, 2019