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The TVFC & ASN Digest

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May 2020 | Notice: Continue Vaccine Reminders During COVID-19

Previous Issues

Archived issues are kept for historical purposes only and may contain information that is outdated or no longer valid. For current information on any subject included in past issues of the TVFC & ASN Digest, please contact the Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

April 2020 | TVFC-ASN Program Site Visits and more!
March 2020 | School Coverage Report and more!
February 2020 | Vaccine Choice Opens on February 10 and more!

January 2020 | ACIP Changes Recommendations for HPV and Other Resources

December 2019 | Vaccine Management Plan Templates and Other Resources

November 2019 | Texas Immunization Conference Highlights and Other Resources
October 2019 | Re-Enrollment and Other Resources

September 2019 | Disaster Planning and Other Resources 

August 2019 | Back to School Tips and Other Resources 

July 2019 | New ImmTrac2 Consent Form, Vaccine Ordering and Other Resources
June 2019 | IQIP, Vaccine Loss and Other Resources 

May 2019 | Measles Update, Vaccine Choice and Other Resources

April 2019 | Bi-Directional Data Exchange, Boostrix Orders and Other Resources
March 2019 | Save the Dates, Policy Change and Other Resources
February 2019 | Reader Survey, 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey and Other Resources
January 2019
 | TVFC Pediatric Pre-Book and Other Resources 
December 2018 | Renewal of DT Stock, TVFC Pediatric Influenza Pre-Book Planning and Other Information
November 2018
 | Vaccine Choice Opening, Flu MSL During Open Ordering and Other Resources 
October 2018
 |  Re-Enrollment Opens, Flu Scorecard and Other Resources
September 2018 Re-Enrollment Begins Soon, Flu Scorecard and Other Resources

About the TVFC & ASN Digest

The TVFC & ASN Digest keeps providers registered with Adult Safety Net (ASN) or Texas Vaccines for Children (TVFC) up to date with information about relevant news, events and resources. The TVFC/ASN Digest is a monthly online publication of the Immunization Unit at the Texas Department of State Health Services. Subscribe  

Last updated May 6, 2020