Quality Assurance for TVFC Providers

Resources for Responsible Entities to conduct follow-up visit for TVFC providers that receive Compliance and IQIP Site Visits. 


Texas IQIP Program Operations Manual for REs

Interpretation of IQIP Coverage Data

I.     Scheduling the Next Immunization Visit

       1.  Scheduling the Next Visit Workflow
       2.  Suggestions to Improve Your Immunization Services
       3.  Scheduling the Next Immunization Visit   

II.    Leveraging IIS Functionality

       1.  Leveraging IIS Functionality Workflow
       2.  ImmTrac2 Resources

III.   Give a Strong Vaccine Recommendation 

       1.  Give a Strong Recommendation Discussion Prompts and Workflow

IV.    Vaccination Restart and Catch-Up

        1.  Leveraging IIS Functionality Direct Entry
        2.  Leveraging IIS Functionality Unidirectional
        3.  Schedule Next Immunization Workflow- Vaccination Restart
        4,  Immunization Workflow -Vaccination Restart- Part 1
        5,  Immunization Workflow – Vaccination Restart – Part 2
        6.  IQIP at a Glance for Consultants 
        7.  IQIP at a Glance for Providers

V.     PEAR Compliance (Coming Soon)

Last updated December 3, 2020