Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

The Importance of Vaccinations Among Hispanic and Latino Communities

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National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated nationwide from September 15 to October 15 to honor the contributions, cultures, history, and heritage of both Hispanic and Latino Americans of past and present. It might seem strange to begin an observance in the middle of the month, but September 15th was chosen as the start date because it is the anniversary of independence for five Latin American countries: Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, and El Salvador.  


Due to social and structural barriers to vaccine access and acceptance, certain racial and ethnic minority groups have been disproportionally affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Hispanic or Latino people are less likely to be vaccinated against COVID-19 than people of other racial and ethnic minority groups. In additional to being less likely to get a vaccine, … Hispanic or Latino people are more likely to get seriously ill and die from COVID-19.” You can view the CDC’s most current COVID-19 health equity data here


Hesitancy to receive the COVID-19 vaccine has transferred to hesitancy for routine adult and adolescent vaccinations. Increasing vaccine confidence and uptake in Hispanic and Latino communities is of utmost priority for the Texas Department of State Health Services. The Immunization Section has put together a package of important materials translated in Spanish to aid organizations, local health departments, and other grassroots entities in their communications and community outreach efforts. With support from the CDC, Johnson & Johnson, and Biotechnology Innovation Organization, the National Hispanic Medical Association launched their Vaccinate4All campaign in March 2021 to “build vaccine confidence and address structural and cultural barriers to COVID-19 vaccine access in Latino communities.”


Especially as we uplift the voices and lives of Hispanic and Latino Americans this National Hispanic Heritage Month, DSHS is here to support its partners and the public in increasing vaccination rates for the COVID-19 vaccine and all routine adult and adolescent vaccines. 



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6-13: "Vaccinate Through Life" Coloring Book - Bilingual
6-205/6-205: “These are the times you’ll always want to remember.” - English/Spanish
11-11965P: “Let’s Talk Immunizations” (Childhood) Poster - Bilingual
11-12853P: “Vaccinate for Life” Adult “Bubbles” Poster - Bilingual
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11-12853P-2: “Vaccinate for Life” Adult “Line-up” Poster - Bilingual
11-13710P: “Fight the Flu” Seniors Poster - Bilingual
11-13710P-1:“Fight the Flu” Adults Poster - Bilingual
11-13710P-3: "Fight the Flu" Child - Bilingual

Last updated October 19, 2021