Fecal ova and parasite exam, concentration and trichrome stain

Laboratory Fee Schedule

Procedure: MPAR002A

CPT: 87177, 87209   

Fecal ova and parasite exam, concentration and trichrome stain



Parasitology; intestinal parasite examination, fecal O&P

Requisition Form


Test Description

Microscopic morphological examination for the detection and identification of intestinal parasites using the formalin ethyl-acetate and trichrome stain procedures

Pre-Approval Needed


Supplemental Information Required


Supplemental Form(s)


Performed on Specimens from (sources)


Sample/Specimen Type for Testing

Human Feces preserved in 10% formalin and PVA fixatives (complete O&P kit)

Minimum Volume/Size Required

Approximately 5 ml in each container

Storage/Preservation Prior to Shipping

  • It is recommended that a normal examination for intestinal parasites include 2-3 specimens collected every other day.
  • Place feces in preservatives as soon as possible 
  • Store at ambient temperature

Transport Medium

10% formalin and PVA fixatives (O&P kit)

Specimen Labeling

  • Two patient-specific identifiers required (e.g., patient full name, date of birth, Medical record number)
  • Identifiers on specimen must exactly match submission form.

Shipping and Specimen Handling Requirements

Ship samples: 

  • According to Dangerous Good Regulations, IATA, and/or CFR 49
  • Handling as infectious agent using universal precautions
  • Triple-contained in accordance with federal shipping regulations for infectious agents
  • As Biological Substance Category B
  • At ambient temperature


Microscopic examination of a formalin-ethyl acetate concentrate and trichrome stained smear

Turn-around Time

3 days


  • A complete O&P exam must include examination of a concentrate and stained smear (include formalin and PVA specimens)
  • Barium, mineral oil, bismuth, and non-absorbable antidiarrheal preparations may interfere with parasite detection
  • Antibiotics may diminish the numbers of protozoa

Common Causes for Rejection

  • No specimen received
  • Expired media
  • No identifiers on container
  • Unpreserved feces submitted

Additional Information

  • Call Medical Parasitology at 512-776-7560 with questions about specimen collection and handling.
  • Call Lab Reporting at 512-776-7578 with questions about submission forms.
  • Call Specimen Acquisition at 512-776-7569 with questions about shipping.