3. Shipping instructions

Shipping Instructions for CRE and CRPA Isolates and CRAB Isolates Shipped to the Texas AR Laboratory


Complete a G-2E form for each specimen you are submitting. Follow instructions on how to fill out a G-2E form as needed. The patient's first and last name listed on the specimen must match the patient's name listed on the G-2E form. All specimens must be labeled with at least two patient specific identifiers; both a primary and a secondary identifier. The identifiers must appear on both the primary specimen container (or card) and the associated submission form. Specimens that do not meet these criteria will be considered unsatisfactory for testing. 


List of Patient identifiers           


It is required that UN3373 shipping guidelines are followed                                                                                                


Before shipping, make sure you have:

1. Labeled the specimen

2. Filled a G-2E form

3. Attached a copy of previous lab results, if any available 


To ship any CRE, CRPA isolates(or CRAB isolates shipped to the Texas AR Laboratory), place your labeled specimen, complete G-2E form, and a copy of previous lab results in a box and follow UN3373 shipping guidelines

Texas AR Laboratory Network has an account set up with FedEx to ship these specimens. Please contact the TexasARLN@dshs.texas.gov for instructions for logging into the FedEx account. 


When you log in to the FedEx site. please follow these steps:

1. Ignore the "My Shipment" profile if this is your first time to use this account.
2. Under "From", click "Edit" and enter your facility information. Check "save new sender in address book" so that you can use the same information in the future 
3. Under "To", please select contact name "Tamara Baldwin". The Texas DSHS Laboratory 
address will be populated for you. 
4. Enter information under package and shipment details. 
5. Please make sure to double check under "special service". If you are not sending anything on dry ice, please make sure "dry ice" is not checked. 


The address should populate automatically by the FedEx system. If it does not, please use


Texas Department of State Health Services 

Laboratory Services Section 
1100 W. 49th Street 
Austin, TX 787S6-3199 

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