Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Program Apply for a New License Registration General Requirements

Attention All Applicants: Background Check Process Improvements

The process for obtaining a criminal history for applicants has changed. Effective immediately, fingerprint cards have been phased out. The licensing program has implemented the FAST, or Fingerprint Applicant Services of Texas, process. This involves the electronic scanning of an applicant’s fingerprints, then submitting them electronically to the Texas Department of Public Safety for processing. A background check will be obtained more quickly, thus reducing application processing time. Also, the chance of rejection of a set of fingerprints for lack of quality is significantly reduced. For more information, please see page three of the appropriate licensure application , which can be downloaded by selecting this link here.

All applicants for Counselor Intern (CI) must submit the Licensure Application form, which is available on our "Applications/Forms" webpage, the $65 application/background investigation fee, a recent full-face wallet-sized photograph of the applicant, and confirmation of the submission of your fingerprints via the FAST process.

If you are currently licensed in another state, and you wish to apply for licensure as an LCDC, you should complete and submit the Reciprocity Application, which is available as part of the LCDC Reciprocity Handbook on our "Applications/Forms" webpage.

A counselor licensure fee of $75 is payable once all requirements for licensure are complete.


Last updated February 10, 2011