Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Program Clinical Training Institute (CTI) License Registration

A Clinical Training Institution (CTI) is an individual or legal entity registered with the Department of State Health Services to supervise a chemical dependency counselor intern.

To become a registered CTI, an organization shall:

(1) provide activities in an array of the KSA dimensions, including assessment and counseling;
(2) serve a predominantly substance-abusing population;
(3) employ a full time QCC as the CTI coordinator;
(4) be in good standing with applicable licensing and regulatory agencies;
(5) agree to comply with applicable rules; and
(6) submit a complete application.

The Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes (KSAs) include the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of addictions counseling as defined by CSAT Technical Assistance Publication (TAP 21) "Addictions Counseling Competencies: the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of Professional Practice."

Treatment facilities that may qualify as a CTI include:

  • a public or private hospital;
  • a detoxification facility;
  • a primary care facility;
  • an intensive care facility;
  • a long-term care facility;
  • an outpatient care facility;
  • a community mental health center;
  • a health maintenance organization;
  • a recovery center;
  • an ambulatory care facility; or
  • any other facility that offers or purports to offer treatment.

Other facilities that may qualify as a CTI include:

  • a school;
  • a federal facility;
  • a criminal justice facility; or
  • a church

Both the application for registration and the renewal form are available on our "Applications/Forms" web page.

Last updated August 25, 2010