Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Program Renew Your License and Registration Inactive Status

A LCDC may request to have his or her license placed on inactive status by submitting a written request and paying the inactive fee before the license expires. Inactive status shall not be granted unless the license is current and in good standing, with no pending investigations or disciplinary actions.

A person on inactive status cannot perform activities outlined in the KSA dimensions, represent himself or herself as an LCDC, or act in the capacity of a QCC. A person on inactive status remains subject to investigation and action during the period of inactive status.

Inactive status shall not exceed two years.

Inactive status fee--$50

Inactive status is not available for registered Counselor Interns (CIs).

Return to Active Status

To return to active status, the person shall submit a written request to reactivate the license, a completed renewal application form, the renewal application fee and the license renewal fee, and documentation of 30 hours of continuing education within the inactive status period.

An inactive license will automatically expire at the end of the two-year period.

Last updated February 10, 2011