Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Program Statutes and Laws

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Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 504

The text of the law is available to download or print by scrolling to Chapter 504 at:

Note: You can find the Texas Occupations Code by scrolling and selecting "Occupations Code" on the first drop down box, then on Article/Chapter, scroll and select "Chapter 504, Chemical Dependency Counselors", and finally select the "Go" button to view or print the Texas Occupations Code.

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Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 504 (Word format, 171 KB)
Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 504 (Adobe Acrobat format, 108 KB)

Message to the Public on House Bill (HB) 3145

“House Bill (HB) 3145, relating to the licensing and regulation of chemical dependency counselors in Texas, was enacted by the 82nd Texas Legislature and signed by Governor Rick Perry on June 17, 2011. The bill amends Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 504, which is the law that regulates the practice of chemical dependency counseling in Texas. We have prepared some information explaining the highlights of the bill, which you can download here."



Last updated March 23, 2017