Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Program Apply for a New License and Registration Qualified Credentialed Counselor (QCC)

A facilty applying for registration as a CTI must designate a fulltime employee who is a Qualified Credentialed Counselor (QCC) to serve as the CTI coordinator.

Qualified Credentialed Counselor (QCC) - A licensed chemical dependency counselor or one of the practitioners listed below who is licensed and in good standing in the State of Texas, to the extent that such individual is acting within the authorized scope of the individual's license, including:

(A) licensed professional counselor (LPC);
(B) licensed clinical social worker (LCSW);
(C) licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT);
(D) licensed psychologist;
(E) licensed physician;
(F) licensed physician's assistant;
(G) certified addictions registered nurse (CARN); or
(H) advanced practice nurse recognized by the Board of Nurse Examiners as a clinical nurse specialist or practitioner with a specialty in psychiatric-mental health nursing.

The QCC is not a type of license - each facility is responsible for designating a QCC.


Last updated February 10, 2011