Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Program Renew Your License Registration - Requirements

To renew a license, a LCDC shall:

  • send a complete renewal application to our office;
  • pay the renewal application fee and the license fee (a total of $131);
  • meet the criminal history standards specified by rule; and
  • complete all required continuing education

The Counselor Intern (CI) registration may not be renewed. It may be extended once, for a three year period, if the person has failed to complete all requirements to become licensed as a LCDC. Additional education is required to extend the registration.

Late Renewal

Renewal fees are due on or before the expiration date. A licensee who submits a late renewal application must pay a penalty fee in addition to the renewal application and licensure fees.

  • Late renewal penalty fee (up to 90 days after the license expiration date)--$37.50;
  • Late renewal penalty fee (between 91 days and one year after the license expiration date)--$75;

Failure to Renew

A license cannot be renewed more than one year after the date of expiration.

To obtain a new license, the person must comply with the requirements and procedures for obtaining an initial license, including passing the written and oral examinations, with one exception. If the person was licensed in Texas, moved to another state, and is currently licensed and has been in practice in the other state for the two years preceding application, the person may renew an expired license without reexamination. The person must pay a fee that is equal to two times the required renewal fee.


Last updated June 11, 2014