Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Program Renew Your License - Renew Online

Our online renewal system has Changed! Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors must now renew their licenses through the new Regulatory Services Online Licensing System. Select the link below to begin the online license renewal process. When using the online service, license renewal fees may be paid only using a major credit card.


House Bill (HB) 3145, relating to the licensing and regulation of chemical dependency counselors in Texas, was enacted by the 82nd Texas Legislature and signed by Governor Rick Perry on June 17, 2011. One of the measures of this bill was the addition of a surcharge of $10 to be added to the license renewal fee. This surcharge will be used to fund an approved peer assistance program for LCDCs and counselor interns. The peer assistance program will be designed to identify, assist, and monitor participating LCDCs and counselor interns whose ability to perform a professional service is impaired or likely to be impaired by abuse of or dependency on drugs or alcohol, so that the individuals may return to safe practice. The revenue will provide funding for the day-to-day operation of the peer assistance program. Information about the approval of a peer assistance program can be found in the licensure rules. 

Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors must now renew online through our new system.

Renew Your License Online through the Regulatory Services Online Licensing System

Last updated May 28, 2015