Mental Health Program Services

Mental Health Services for Adults

The Department of State Health Services (DSHS) contracts with Local Mental Health Authorities (LMHAs) and NorthSTAR to deliver mental health services in communities across Texas. NorthSTAR is a Medicaid managed care plan that serves seven counties in the Dallas Medicaid service region.  Learn more about mental health services for adults »

Mental Health Services for Children and Adolescents

Like adults, children and adolescents can suffer from mental health issues and need developmentally-appropriate support and treatment.  Learn more about mental health services for children and adolescents »

Disaster Behavioral Health Services

The primary responsibilities of disaster behavioral health services are to utilize and coordinate disaster mental health resources prior to, during, and after an event and to establish and manage short-term crisis counseling program in a federally-declared impact area. The Crisis Counseling Program, a Federal Emergency Management Agency-funded program, establishes a team at a host mental health and mental retardation center and provides outreach, screening, and assessment, counseling, information, and referral, and public education about the effects and means to manage stress. Learn more about Disaster Behavioral Health »

Last updated February 23, 2011