Nutrition and Physical Activity Strategies


The Obesity Prevention Program strives to help Texans eat healthier by making nutritious choices the easy choice throughout Texas communities. When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight and reducing the risk of chronic diseases, good nutrition is key.  It’s more than just a matter of individual choice; our environments must support healthy eating by providing access to affordable, plentiful healthy foods.  The following strategies are crucial in efforts aimed at obesity prevention and chronic disease control: 

  • Increasing consumption of fruits, vegetables, and water

  • Promoting appropriate portion sizes

  • Decreasing consumption of added sugars and high-calorie, low-nutrient foods 

  • Supporting breastfeeding 


Physical Activity  

Older couple walking Two girls posing with soccer ball Boy on tricycle Young girl on jungle gym ladder

The Obesity Prevention Program is striving to make physical activity the easy choice for Texans! Physical Activity has slowly been engineered out of everyday life in America. Despite all the known benefits, the majority of Texans do not get enough physical activity daily.  Changes in the environment, such as urban sprawl and less physical education in schools, make getting enough physical activity increasingly more difficult. 


Let’s Bring Physical Activity Back to Texas! 

By getting more physical activity, Texans young and old can improve their quality of life, increase their energy, and improve their well-being. 

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Growing Community Video Series 

The Growing Community video series is a communications tool to educate and inspire communities into action to address obesity in Texas.  
The series consists of six obesity prevention topic areas that correspond with the six evidence-based target areas which combat obesity in communities and organizations. The videos can be shown as a screening at meetings to get people talking about what actions to take.