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Primary Health Care

CDC Contraceptive Criteria and Recommendations

The recommendations in these reports are intended to help health-care providers address issues related to use of contraceptives, such as how to help a woman initiate use of a contraceptive method, which examinations and tests are needed before initiating use of a contraceptive method, what regular follow-up is needed, and how to address problems that often arise during use, including missed pills and side effects such as unscheduled bleeding.

HPV Vaccine fact sheet

The CDC has posted a HPV Vaccine fact sheet for the general public as well as additional HPV resources. We encourage you to share this link with your partners and constituents. The CDC will continue to update its HPV resource page (including HPV vaccine information) as new information becomes available.

Long-Acting Reversible Contraception



Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a serious, but preventable public health problem that affects millions of individuals every day. IPV describes any physical, sexual, or psychological harm by a current partner or spouse. If you need help to better understand IPV and how to stop violence in partner/spousal relationships visit the CDC website for IPV.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery. Victims of human trafficking are subjected to commercial sex or forced labor. They are young children, teenagers, men and women. It was once thought that human trafficking occurred in other countries, but it is right in our own back yard – right here in the United States. There is now both State and Federal legislation to help combat human trafficking. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 made human trafficking a crime. For more information concerning human trafficking and resources, visit the following websites:


Last updated August 21, 2018